Kima Fruits, sale of fruit and vegetables

Our family firm has been selling fruit and vegetables for more than 70 years. We started out as farmers and the firm has grown steadily into what it is today.

We sell both local produce and fruit and vegetables from Almeria, Murcia, Valencia, La Rioja and Malaga, and from all over Spain.

We buy directly from farmers, cooperatives and distributors, always selecting excellent produce and providing a seamless service and value for money.

We specialise in tomatoes and supply the best seasonal varieties all year round, as well as other types of fruits and vegetables.

Put your trust in us. You can rest assured that we will assemble your order during market hours so that all you need to do is pick it up, saving you from wasting time in the store since we purchase your products in the market for you.

We offer competitive prices and excellent quality.

Our facilities